State Hiker Ornament - Oregon

This Oregon State Hiking Christmas ornament is part of our "State Hiker" collection. The ornament features the outline of the state shape of Oregon and the word hike in a typewriter font, or a hiker symbol with or without a dog engraved in the middle.

All of our ornaments are crafted in our studio in McCloud, in the middle of the forest on Mt Shasta.

Our Oregon ornament is made from Birch tree wood that was locally grown and milled, finished with colored low VOC wood stains and includes a red ribbon for hanging on your Christmas tree!

COLORS: Green, Honey, Rust

STYLES: Hiker Symbol, Hiker with Dog Symbol

*Choose your preferred Color and Style combination.

SIZE: 3.25 inches x 2.0 inches.

Each piece will vary slightly in color, density, grain patterns, knots, etc. Mother Nature creates beautiful & unique patterns all on her own, we simply strive to display it in creative ways.